Friday, February 4, 2011

Vacation Information From Toronto's Ultimate Travel Show 2011

In order to parent effectively, one must be emotionally and mentally healthy. If you’re in a positive frame of mind, you’re in the best position to help your Selectively Silent child overcome her anxiety.

There are many ways to engage in emotional upkeep. The most popular is travel (think of all those escape-the-stresses-of-winter ads on TV!).

This past weekend, Lin and I ventured downtown to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre to explore Toronto’s Ultimate Travel Show to research options available for parents desperate for respite from their day-to-day strain, so they can return to parenting, fresh and prepared.

A large portion of the hall featured Canadian tourism services, offering advice on short trips– entirely do-able and affordable for busy parents. We were impressed by the knowledge and enthusiasm the travel guides possessed as well as the postcards and brochures they shared.

We were disappointed, however, by a lack of child-friendly travel information.

Overall, the ‘Show’ was a rewarding experience which offered insight into a popular and effective method of relieving tension and having fun, which is relevant to all.

If you went to the show, what did you think? And if you didn’t, are you planning on a vacation soon?

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