Friday, October 23, 2015

SMG Annual Conference

When we found out about the Selective Mutism Group's annual conference in Philadelphia, we knew we had to go. Like-minded people all in the same place, talking about advocating for kids with Selective Mutism? Perfect. 

We were excited to see the makeshift "bookstore": 3 tables of books and DVDs about Selective Mutism. Despite having worked with SM for years, we'd never seen so much SM- related literature in one place. We felt like both the disorder and our coaching business were legitimized.

But the main takeaway was that there is comfort in numbers.The more SM survivors and their parents come out about their struggles and triumphs, the more normalized the disorder will be. There's no need to be ashamed of dealing with a mental illness. Events like this one remind us that we have to work together to silence the stigma.

Were you at the conference?

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