Sunday, April 10, 2016

6 Ways To Get the Teacher On Your Side

Your child’s teacher can be your greatest ally. She has a vested interest in your child, because she spends 5 days a week, 10 months of the year with your child. Teachers have insight into your child’s behaviour and development that you cannot see, because you aren’t in the classroom.

Whether your child needs an IEP or simply someone who understands their anxiety, having an open dialogue with your teacher is always useful. Your teacher wants your child to succeed; help them help your child.

1 Ask if you can volunteer to help out in your child’s classroom. Your child will be more relaxed knowing you are close by, and you’ll be able to observe the dynamic between your child and her classmates.

2 Have a communication book that can go back and forth between home and school. It’s important to share important events that may have an impact on your child’s behaviour with your teacher, so she can help your child to the best of her ability. Even seemingly inconsequential events, like a flu shot or a dental appointment may affect your child’s mood. The teacher can report on what kind of a day your child has had.

3 Teachers are on a tight budget. Pick up some stickers, craft sticks or bubbles for the class. The teacher will appreciate your generosity.

4 If your school has a PTA (Parent Teacher Association), book fair or curriculum night, offer to bring a snack or to help out at the event.

5 If you want to talk to the teacher, ask to make an appointment. Trying to have a serious, private conversation on the playground is not appropriate. This ensures that you will have each other’s full attention.

6. Acknowledge Teacher Appreciation Week. Everyone likes to feel celebrated. Give your child’s teacher a thoughtful card between May 2 and 6 this year and let her know you appreciate her work.

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