The Selectively Silent Child is dedicated to raising awareness about childhood anxiety disorders, supporting those affected by Selective Mutism, and squashing the stigma associated with mental illness in Canada and around the world.

The Selectively Silent Child is a mother and daughter team who was personally affected by Selective Mutism and came out on the other side.

Lin Gorenkoff is a mom and RECE turned mental health coach. She founded The Selectively Silent Child as a support group run out of Toronto's renowned Sick Kids hospital in 1999. In its new life, TSSC is an online mental health education resource as well as the go-to source for mental health coaching specializing in Selective Mutism and childhood anxiety. Lin enjoys blogging, reading the latest books on mental health and wellness, and collecting troll dolls.

Rebecca Esther is the original Silent Child for whom TSSC is named. At the age of 2 and a half she was diagnosed with SM. Now 24, Becca's anxiety is under control thanks to journaling, therapy and medication. She is a mental health and body image coach, writer and fidget toy connoisseur.

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